Beat Daytime Fatigue


Is excessive sleepiness getting in the way of your daily work?

Before you go through another day, grumpy and irritable, try these 8 ways to fight off daytime sleepiness.

1. Breakfast – the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that eating breakfast, will not only leave you with more energy throughout the day but also in a better mood. Your brain uses up to about 30% of your daily calories, so make it a propriety to feed it early in the morning. A healthy, balanced breakfast must ideally include whole grains and protein.

2. Keep up the energy. During the wait between main meals, the drop in blood sugar may leave you feeling washed out. Learn how to snack smart – stay away from sugar. Bring some long-lasting energy snacks from home, to ensure you stay away from the vending machine.
Great options include nuts, raw veggies, yogurt and whole wheat crackers. Try a combination of protein, a little fat and fibre.

3. As for lunch. Keep it simple, a protein-and-carb combo will help fight off the emotional fatigue and promote alertness for the final stretch of the day.

4. Oxygen is key. When your brain doesn’t get the needed amount of oxygen, it leads a decrease in mental awareness and feelings of fatigue will rise. Adding some iron-rich foods into your diet as iron helps to carry oxygen through the body to the brain.

5. Dehydration is your enemy. A lack of good hydration reduces the blood flow to organs that slows down your brain, which leads to some serious fatigue. So drink up the recommended eight glasses of water per day to help fight off that lethargic feeling.

6. Turn up the radio. Listening to your favourite music may help you focus and feeling more energized to side-step the mid-day slump.

7. Increase physical activity. When we slow down, so does our circulatory system and metabolism. So take the recommended break from your workstation every 30-60min, even just a few small quick walk around your office will get your blood circulating, sending oxygenated blood to the brain. Giving you an energy boost in minutes. Taking even a few small steps toward a more healthy, active lifestyle have shown to reduce many factors that drain your energy throughout the day.

8. Get a clean bill of health. Should your fatigue persist, consult with a medical doctor as fatigue is a common symptom of many common illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, anaemia, thyroid disease and sleep apnea.


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