Bye Bye Bellyfat!


Belly fat, most of the world population has it – and all of us hate it! Not only does this nasty stuff make our clothes feel extra ‘close-fitting’, it’s when it expands in your abdomen and start cosying up with our major organs like our liver, pancreas and kidneys, that we are in for some serious health risks.

Know your enemy…

This unbearable, hard to get rid of, type of fat is called visceral fat. It’s a formidable foe, as these fat cells do more than just quietly sit in their place, causing you have to up your pants size – they can actually change the way your body operates. This form of fat is considered toxic, which means exceptional danger for your body, because it’s able to trigger inflammatory pathways, alongside the ability to signalling molecules that can interfere with the body’s normal hormonal functions. More alarming, it is capable of acting like an organ, because it can have such a significant impact on the body.

Fat cells are much more involved in the human physiology than we thought we knew. They do not simply just store those extra calories – studies have shown that storing excess fat around your organs increases production of pro-inflammatory chemicals, which, as the word implicated, leads to inflammation and interferes with hormones that regulate your appetite, weight, mood and brain function.

To assist in getting rid of that ‘spare tire’ around your waist, check out these wholesome foods to sleep better, lose more weight, and melt your belly fat.

1. Fish – Omega 3 rich food to be exact. Many foods that contain Omega 3 carriers are rich in protein. Studies have shown that you burn more calories digesting protein compared to fats and carbs. Not a fan of fish? Get your daily required intake though a fish- or flax seed-oil supplement.

2. Nuts are an excellent source of mood enhancing magnesium. Suffering from a magnesium deficiency, the part of your brain that regulates melatonin gets disturbed. Which leads to poor sleep. Not having enough magnesium in your diet may increase your chances of seasonal affective disorder. A form of depression – a familiar carb craving condition stimulated by the low light of winter.

3. Milk, A recent study based on a group of more than 100 premenopausal women, conducted by the University of Alabama in Birmingham, found that fat was significantly reduced in the women who consumed the most calcium rich food, compared to their counterparts.
Results showed that for every 100mg of calcium they consumed per day, they lost an inch of intra-abdominal fat. Although the link between calcium and weight loss is still under great scrutiny, calcium has numerous other health benefits, so make sure you are getting the sufficient amount daily.

Make it a lifestyle change.

Add these simple 5 Steps to Lower Your Risk for Storing Visceral Fat

1. Reduce Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates
2. Fill Up on Non-starchy Veggies, Fats and Proteins
3. Regular Exercise
4. Reduce Stress
5. Prioritize Getting Good Sleep


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