Have a Wonderful Vacation in Montevideo, Uruguay


If you are searching for a quite new, beautiful and exciting place to visit, you will surely have fun in visiting Montevideo, Uruguay. Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay and it is making its name in terms of fashion, design and food. There are different sides of the entire city and you will surely love to be there. The following are the best things to do and attractions that you should not miss visiting Montevideo, Uruguay.

La Rambla
La Rambla is around 10 miles in length and this separates the city from the ocean. It’s possible to walk from the suburban portions of the entire city to the old town with no interruptions. This walk will be a great way of taking the break from daily life so as to have fun with the sunset or sunrise. It is as well a nice place to spark up the conversations with locals and then learn more regarding their culture, as it is a highly crucial meeting point for the Uruguayos.

Teatro Solis
Teatro Solis has been the most crucial theatre in Uruguay & the 2nd largest theatre in the South America. The major hall of the theatre provides space for a total of 1,500 people. This is used for opera performance, yet also theatre concerts and events.

Montevideo’s Beaches
Montevideo comes with a lot of beaches that are an excellent place for heading on a hot day. There are a few on the borders of the city and alongside the Rambla & nearer the Old Town.

Plaza Independencia
Your trip to Montevideo in Uruguay will never be complete if you failed to be in the city’s heart. You should not forget to visit The Old Town. It is the place that is truly full of attractions and history. The best place to get started with exploring this place is the famous Plaza Independencia. From this place, you will be able to reach the Teatro Solis and the Palacio Salvo and you would notice the remnants of city walls & town gate, and that is the start of the original Old Town.

Fortaleza Del Cerro
It is the fort that is situated in the highest mountain within the city. This was constructed within the nineteenth century so as to protect the fame of the port. Nowadays, this is a well-known destination to have fun with the beautiful view of the entire city and then learn more regarding the history of Montevideo.

Yerba Mate
The traditional beverage in Uruguay is the yerba mate tea. This is made from the herbs from mate bush, through which you drizzle boiling water. The original way of drinking it is to make use of the mate container that is filled with hot water and herbs. Drink this through what they call “bombilla” that works like the straw.

These are just some of the places that you can visit when you get there. As you can see, Montevideo is offering you a lot of nice places to explore, ensuring that you will have that wonderful vacation.


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