Must-have Car Features for 2017


Different industries in the market are taking advantage of the amazing technological advancements these days, and the auto industry is no exception. If you haven’t been to a dealer’s showroom in the last decade or more, you will certainly notice that vehicles and cars today are loaded with technological developments.

Many sophisticated new models seem to be competing with one another. Every car that comes out in the market has always something new that will be an envy to many. Everything has seemed to become increasingly electronic, with high-end infotainment systems. Many vehicles also have advanced safety systems to help prevent collisions with pedestrians, other cars and even animals at both high and low speeds.

The year 2017 is undoubtedly a year of continued innovations. The coming crop of new trucks, crossovers and cars for the 2017 model brings another wave of gadgets and electronics to the mix to make vehicles a lot more capable, entertaining and safer. Here is a quick glance of the 2017 hottest car features you must have.

Fantastic Car Features you will Love This 2017
Onboard Connectivity/infotainment Systems. These are now becoming more like full-blown mobile computers with huge touch-sensitive displays that can recognize hand gestures and swipes to initiate commands, just like a tablet computer. As a matter of fact, several auto manufacturers and brands feature removable Android tablets and other entertainment systems like built-in game applications. Some also enable users to stream live television to their backseat.

Forward Collision Warning Systems. Your safety is your top priority as you drive. Just last year, Nissan has introduced a new feature, Forward Collision Warning system that would not just monitor the proximity and speed of vehicles ahead of the traffic, but also keep tabs on the next truck or car in front of it. An auto-braking feature is also available to lessen the effects or avoid a possible crash.

Active Lane Change Assist. Mercedes-Benz offers a unique feature, Active Lane Change Assist, which is one of the biggest innovations today in the industry that can drive themselves automatically. The driver just needs to hold the turn signal for over 2 seconds and the E-Class will find a clear opening and then automatically steer itself into a lane adjacent to it between fifty and 112 miles per hour.

360-degree Video Recording. The 360-degree camera systems are crucial for parking, but when you want to improve your security, the 360-degree video recording is the ultimate car feature for 2017 that you must have. Among the car companies that have integrated this system are Ford and Cadillac. The system can not just show a live image, but record the 360-degree image as well. When anti-theft sensors are tripped, the system will start recording, which is vital for an improved security. The camera can catch something hitting the car, breaking into your ride or just running away without leaving any note.

These are just a few of the many outstanding car features you must have this 2017. With the continued development in the industry, there are more to be expected in the coming years.


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