The World’s Newest Planes in 2017


From the all-new airliners made by Russia and China to a trio of the twin-aisle jets from Airbus and Boeing, the year 2017 will surely bring an unusually larger batch of new airlines.

Airbus- Europe
Airbus is significantly expected to fly its newest A330neo next year. NEO means New Engine Option. The A330 is actually a two-decade old design but is now getting a makeover with the newest wing tips and newest engines to boost fuel efficiency and range. Airbus is now positioning NEO as a lower-cost alternative to the 787 Dreamliner of Boeing. The very first of the two planned models are ready to fly next year and will enter the service early 2018.

The second member included in the Airbus revamped single-aisle family is the A321neo. This is expected to enter the service 2017. This is the largest member of updated A320neo family. , Airbus really does hope that the jet that accommodates about 240 passengers will essentially replace out of production Boeing. This is the ageing trans-continental workhorse for US airlines. Airbus also has significant sales lead with the A321neo. Moreover, Boeing is considering new sets of designs to keep their customers.

The A319neo is the smallest member of A320ne family and this is expected to finally fly for the very first time this 2017 however, the demand for this is not really great. The smallest offer both from Airbus and Boeing have gained few orders for the reason that airlines opt for more fuel-efficient and larger models.

After five long years of development, the 737 Max will soon be delivered to Southwest Airlines in the first half of the year 2017. The 4th generation single-aisle plane of Boeing got two new engines as well as newest tail section and winglets. These are specially designed to reduce fuel consumption by about 14%. Max 8 is first of their 737 Max model that Boeing is actually designing. Boeing also has thousands of placed orders for 737 Max such as from fast-growing airlines in China. There are still more other newest models of aircraft that will soon be introduced.

The C919 is the first large airliner of China that will fly this 2017. Comac C919 intends to compete with Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320. Comac cleared the hurdle when the engines which are made in France and US were officially cleared by European and US authorities. This aircraft was originally believed to fly in 2014 however; the project has been delayed repeatedly because of the relative inexperience of China in developing commercial airlines. The Comac is not really expected to go to the top with Boeing and Airbus yet however through partnering with the western suppliers, China also tends to cultivate itself as a global contender for the coming generations.

United Aircraft Corporation-Russia
The MS 21 of the Russia United Aircraft Corporation is now getting ready to fly it’s exclusive and all new Irkut MS 21 in 2017. This project is supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The president also has the desire to enhance the commercial aerospace industry of the country to be able to compete with Boeing and Airbus single-aisle jets which dominate routes all over the world.


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