The Latest Travel Tech and Transportation


The technology today is changing the way that people travel. By simply looking at the trends in travel, this will help in looking forward to the near future.

Before, taking a trip across the ocean was definitely a big affair. Travelers would often dress in their most luxurious and fanciest attire in boarding a continental flight. This would, for sure, come with huge price tags and limitless free drinks. Even flying by plane was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for an average person. And, this was usually obtained during a special occasion.

But today, flights have been made more affordable whereas travellers hop on planes without thinking twice. In this golden age of transport and travel and with travel tech that constantly improves and advances, it just makes life a lot easier and better all across the world.

With technology and innovation that continues to rise at a very incredible rate, what could be expected in the coming years? Standing-room cabins, supersonic jets and free Wi-Fi on each flight? Today, robot co-pilots are being tried and tested on some other planes. And, it is expected that investment and interest in robotic technology will increase in the coming years.

While it may seem that people will not greet robot pilots on the next flight, there are a lot of technological developments that are coming all the way. Airbus had just filed a patent for the so-called foldable wings. This will enable planes to move around the airports the easy and fast way possible. You could just imagine reducing the time from the touchdown to disembarkment to a few minutes. This is also as the aeroplane has gracefully glided to the gate without awkwardly navigating around the cargo trucks, planes and airport personnel.

Supersonic jets have certainly been around for years. Even if commercialized supersonic planes will not show up in the next twenty or fifty years, the blueprints are now already being scoped. Start-up companies are now continuously developing the technology. This will enable passenger planes that fly at the supersonic speeds. This will help cut the average travel times in half.

Even the athlete’s plane is now in the work. This is being developed through the cooperation of Nike. This will even include in-flight biometrics analysis, training room and sleeping pods that have been designed for athletes. All of the features of the plane have been designed to help all athletes. This is especially true when it comes to arriving fully rested and relaxed. They will, therefore, be able to compete right after hours of travel. This could, therefore, be physically stressful and demanding on their body.

In the near future, anyone who is afraid of flying will never worry of turbulence. The technology is already being developed that could look at the air patterns hundreds of miles ahead. This will further help pilots in diverting from unusual choppy conditions.

The famous Boeing 787 Dreamliner is already a good example of an aeroplane that has all of its excellent features. This will help reduce the turbulence. This also basically utilizes advanced accelerometers right through the nose of the plane. This could simply register any of the sudden drops. And, this could adjust the flaps of the wing to help reduce the effect.

Now, you have an idea about the latest travel tech and transportation!


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