The Cheapest Jet Engine Aircraft – $1 Million less than a Bugatti Chiron


Even though jet engined aircraft are relatively expensive, it would be possible to find a few, which are on the market at affordable price tags.

The Cirrus SF50 Aircraft can be considered as the cheapest one out of them.

Any person who is in the market to purchase a personal jet would certainly be impressed with the affordability of the Cirrus SF50 Aircraft. The Cirrus SF50 Aircraft Company is based in Minn and as part of the companies sales strategy, they are promoting it as the most affordable personal jet on the market. Because of the value for money that the Cirrus SF50 Aircraft offers, it has also been able to create a tremendous impact on the aviation market.

This personal jet offers the capacity for 5 adults and 2 kids. Due to the jet engine, it has the ability to fly at a top speed of 345 miles per hour. On the other hand, it is capable of offering an impressive range of 1380 miles to users. You can easily fly from Atlanta to Denver in this personal jet, without stopping anywhere in between.

Cirrus SF50 Aircraft can be considered as one of the most stable aircraft as well. It has been subjected to a variety of quality standards and the stability has been proven. It has become a popular option amongst people who are looking to purchasing a fast, roomy and stable personal aircraft. This Aircraft is equipped with a FJ33-5A Williams Jet engine. The engine is capable of producing a thrust measuring 1800 pounds. It can also reach an altitude of 28,000 feet above sea level.

The Cirrus SF50 Aircraft looks compact from the outside. Although, when you step onto the aircraft, you can feel that it is a lot more spacious than it looks. The cabin of the aircraft has a width of 5.1 feet and a height of 4.1 feet. You would feel like you are spending time inside a spacious SUV. Smooth leather seats have been introduced to the aircraft with the objective of catering to the comfort of the passengers. Ample leg room is also available and creates the perfect atmosphere for a comfortable journey. However, it is important to keep in mind that this personal jet does not have a dedicated bathroom or a refrigerator. But still, you will be provided with access to satellite radio, cup holders and USB charging ports.

The cockpit of Cirrus SF50 Aircraft is made out of glass and it is a modern looking one. The uncluttered design of the cockpit has also received much attention, with its easy to read digital screens. It is very surprising to see all these impressive features offered along with Cirrus SF50 Aircraft at a price tag of just under $2 Million.


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