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Word Processing software has been in use since the very beginning of the personal computers and is a great way to create, modify and manage digital documents. Even as we move on to the modern digital age, everything is going digital and this is especially the case with documents. When it comes to creating and handling digital documents, Microsoft has pretty much dominated the industry through its Business office programs. Word Processing is one of the most basic and essential aspects of operations for any business or personal use. While many users are pretty much inclined to use Microsoft Word, some users don’t find the tool very easy-to-use, and for some, the costs issue is a major limitation. There are definitely better free alternatives to MS Word or any other premium Word processing software for that matter, and we will be taking a look at the best of them.

1. Open Office
The first on our list is Apache’s Open Office. It is evidently one of the oldest open-source Word processors that has been in use for more than 20 years. It is the most comprehensive open-source Office Suite that you will ever come across. Open Office provides a solo download comprised of six tools within it. The whole Office Suite covers Word processing, Image editing, Spreadsheets, Databases and Presentations within its single download. When you download and setup the tool which comes in at around 140MB file, you are in for unrestricted access to all of the amazing Open Office’s tools that come embedded in it. Taking only the Open Office Writer with the Word Processing tool into comparison, it is among the finest open-source word processors that you will ever find. Not only would the interface be familiar to Microsoft Word users, but this tool is also a bit way beyond the former. Users can import and modify PDF files within it, which is impossible in Microsoft Word without any sort of add-on’s included in the blend. Its multi-language support is something that you must be quite acquainted with in Microsoft Word, and it helps eliminate vocabulary barriers and allows you choose your vocabulary of interest to chalk out words. The World Open Standard Format of Open Office allows users to exchange digital documents in several ranges of forms including .rtf, .doc, .docx and many other. It is available for all major systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. An additional key factor that tips in favor of Open Office is the huge approval it receives from developers all over the world, being one of the most effective communities in this respect. It supports platforms such as windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux. To download Apache’ Open office app click:

2. LibreOffice
LibreOffice comes quite a close second to Open Office when it comes to open-source Word Processing software. Users primarily might find LibreOffice to be a lot similar to Open Office in many of its features because it is an extension created on the former open-source tool. Having its background from Open Office and NeoOffice, LibreOffice became an amalgam of them on a mission to develop an improved open-source word processing tool. Like Open Office, it comes with six built-in tools also: Writer (For Word Processing), Draw (for Graphics), Impress (for Presentations), Base (For Databases), Calc (For Spreadsheets) and Math (for editing mathematical formulae). With over fifty-five Million downloads, Support for 110 languages and conveniently available for key systems, LibreOffice is one of the simplest Open-source Word formatting tools.

LibreOffice Writer incorporates templates that make it easy to get started on a writing task, whether it is creating a memo, resume or an index content for an e-book! While you work with the templates, additional features like auto-complete make predictions centred on common phrases and help you save your time. Including a Book, Spell-checking, all essential typeface formatting tools and so on, LibreOffice makes great advantages of a full-fledged Office Suite. With an interface that is stunningly similar to those of Microsoft Word, users may find LibreOffice pretty easy to chime in quickly. LibreOffice is also able to handle different types of file formats, including Microsoft Word, supporting .Doc and. Docx. The single put off this tool has is the absence of a word count number by the end of the tool that you simply must be aware of while using MS Word. Besides this minor drawback, LibreOffice is a great free Word processing tool. Platforms Supported: Same as the Open office. The additional feature is that a viewer for Android is available on LibreOffice. Click: to download LibreOffice.

3. Google Docs
Google’s very own online digital document managing tool is Google Documents. It is an effective online, cloud-based solution to all your word processing demands. Google Docs will require you to be online whenever you need to process your document. Offline editing is not at all possible on Google Docs. Google Documents or Docs, is one of the three tools that Google offers to their users, the other two being Spreadsheets and Presentation. The tool is a full-fledged Word processor. You can create, edit and manage .doc files with ease right from the comfort of your web application. It saves automatically as you type on and can be recovered later from your Google Docs account.

The entire idea of creating, editing and managing Word documents for free from the comfort of your web browser, makes Google Docs a viable free alternative for Document editing. The tool doesn’t even require software to be installed locally and amazingly your entire documents are easily retrievable from a single location without the hassles. Google Docs makes maximum use of cloud computing and features everything from basic font formatting tools to spell-checking and editing and enhancing tools. Google Docs has powerful editing tools which allow Editors who need to edit as well as adding comments for the action of others. The Editing mode allows you to add feedback to a document about possible errors and typos for forwarding the procedure. Files could also be shared with others on a view-only or view-and-edit most essential. Never lose them again with Google Documents!

Platforms Supported: All major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and many others Sign up on to enjoy this amazing tool.

Quip is an awesome free online tool for producing, editing and managing your digital documents. Quip offers creation and management of Documents and Spreadsheets through its user interface. It also allows permitted multiple users to access a particular created documents with comments. At the time you create a new document, Quip presents a minimalistic view and offers all basic formatting tools, in association with the creation of a checklist, insertion of spreadsheets/images and more. The documents could be grouped in Public and Private directories respectively in line with the content of the docs.

The major features that ensure Quip to be users’ choice are its simplicity and robustness. With mobile software also available for it, you can also create/edit documents and keep in contact with your associates on the go. Quip’s document editor allows users to export the data file as a Word File, an HTML or as a PDF. Team work on Quip is effortless. It lets users share documents with team members through the commenting system. These documents are stored in the cloud in your Quip account and can be easily retrieved later throughout your web browser or Quip’s mobile applications.

You can forget about losing your digital documents and advance the better relationship with associates using Quip.

Platforms Supported: All major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc., iPhone and Android mobile applications. Sign up on to experience awesome features of Quip.


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