Car Insurance: How to Save Money


Many people need pocket-friendly car insurance. If you are reading this, I am sure you need to know how to get ideal and cheapest car insurance. The problem of choice has never been so tedious like we have it now. Scores of car insurance firms, both small and large are pushing for business with many attractive and enticing policy options. This makes it difficult to ascertain which car insurance company has the best to offer in terms of cost and services. This piece seeks to equip you with tips and tricks to getting best and cheap car insurance.

1. Do not make any hasty assumption about any car insurance company

Some companies invest a lot of money on media publicity with a motive to convince potential clients that they offer the cheapest car insurance rates and policy. But the fact is, prices that different individuals pay for the same coverage even by the same company may vary widely due to different factors. The fact is, no car insurance company can claim to have the lowest rate for everyone. Most times, your location is a key factor in determining the cost of your car insurance. Putting all the factors together, the insurance policy of a company which may seem to be the cheapest in a state can be seen to be the most expensive for another person with the same coverage even with the same company. Therefore, do not make your conclusion only on what you see in the media. The surest way to get the best deal is to shop around. There are a number of ways to do that, you can visit GoCompare or any other comparison websites. And you can as well call the car insurance companies on phone to compare prices. Doing this will save you a lot of money. Research shows that most people who fail to compare insurance prices lose $416 on the average every year.

2. Check with local and regional insurers

Most people make the mistakes of assuming that only the big names have the best policies. As a matter of facts, from experience, the local or smaller car insurance companies need you more to build their brands. Hence, tend to have better prices and policies when compared with Big guns in the industry.

3. Check for Applicable Discounts

Car Insurance companies give various discounts. It is important to check for a set of discounts that may be applicable to you. The following are the likely discount that you may check for. Insurers offer discounts for clients who:

• Have other policies (such as Homeowners Insurance) with them apart from car insurance
• Insure multiple vehicles with single policy
• Have an untainted driving record
• Offset their six-month or annual premium at once
• Agree to receive documents online
• Have a car with anti-theft or safety features
• Belong to particular professional or affiliate groups

I still need to advise you not to be carried away by the long list any insurer may provide you. The most important thing is the final price. Please weigh your options

4. Ensure to Pay your bills promptly

Among many other factors that determine the price of your car insurance is your credit score. If you have Bad credit score you will most likely have high quote from your car insurance company. Because insurance companies believe that client’s credit has a deep correlation with their tendencies to file claims. Although, there are few exceptions to this, in places like California, Massachusetts and Hawaii, insurance companies are not allowed to consider your credit score when sending you a quote. But if you are outside those places where you have exemptions, ensure to have good credit score in order to have cheap car insurance by paying your bills promptly and minimize your debt.

5. Consider the cost of insurance when buying a car

You probably considered factors like repair costs and fuel efficiency when buying a car. But another key factor to consider is the insurance premiums. Certain Brands tend to have high insurance cover. Among the top-selling cars, I have found out that vehicles such as Grand Cherokee, Subaru Outback, and Honda CR-V have the cheapest rates. You may need to check out the quotes for different brands with local insurance companies before you make a decision on which car you want to buy.

6. Skip comprehensive and collision coverage for an older vehicle

Collision coverage covers the repair of the damage to your vehicle due to an accident with another vehicle or an object such as a wall. Comprehensive coverage covers the repair of the vehicle damage from weather, floods, fire, animal crashes and vandalism. It also covers in case of car theft. But the highest payout under both policies is determined by the value of the car if it’s stolen or totalled. If your vehicle is older and the market value is low, it does not make sense to go for either of those types of coverage.

7. Consider raising your deductible

In case you buy collision and comprehensive coverage, you can save some bucks by going for higher deductibles.

8. Consider pay-as-you-use or pay-per-mile insurance

Perhaps you are a type of driver who doesn’t drive much distance, you may consider pay-per-mile insurance program. There are many companies that have such programs depending on your location. You can make an inquiry online. If you signup for such insurance program, your insurer will have to be tracking your driving (the distance covered, the time and how well you drive) in exchange for a discount. For instance, if you drive less than ten thousand miles in a year, you will save some money if you signup with a mileage-based insurance company.


You can carefully craft your occupation…

You need to be as honest as possible with your insurer when describing your job title. However, you need to know that some job titles attract higher premiums than others. For instance, according to GoCompare, ‘chef’ as a job title returns a higher premium than ‘kitchen staff (about £98 higher). While Music Teacher returns a premium, which is £86 more than teachers. Also, a copywriter will receive a higher quote than a writer.

However, ensure that the job title accurately describes your role. It is illegal to Put down teacher when in the real sense you are a doctor could lead to prosecution.


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