Upgrade – The Movie


A Brief Movie Review: Upgrade

Every summer season brings forth a wave of exciting movies. We all know what makes a good summer movie these days – intense action, easy characters, and no convoluted plots. You put all these ingredients in an ideal proportion and you have a perfect summer movie that people would love to see.

This year, the first surprise hit of the summer season is Upgrade, directed by Leigh Whannell. Needless to say, the film has all the right elements I mentioned above. But Upgrade is not a mindless sci-fi action movie the cinema has made us used to lately. Upgrade is a smart movie with brains, wit, and an intelligent screenplay by Whannell.

Upgrade is set in not too distant future where human life heavily depends on brilliant evolutions in technology. When the protagonist, Grey, encounters a tragedy that leaves him emotionally shattered and physically paralyzed, the only thing that can get him back up on his feet and avenge his wife is an AI implant called STEM. This chip offered to Grey by a billionaire inventor for experimental purposes enhances his physical abilities – exponentially!

Without divulging too much about the “upgraded” central character and the plot of the film, it’s safe to say that Upgrade has kick-started this summer season with a huge promise. From the producers of last year’s surprise hit Get Out, Upgrade tells an old-fashioned story, but it gets a major boost by its sci-fi element, sharp humour, and gripping execution.

The film stars Logan Marshall-Green (who I knew is going places when I saw him in another surprise hit movie two years back, The Invitation). Here too, he excels in the role without going overboard and showing off.

Upgrade hit the theatres on June 1, 2018, and has managed to earn rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. Check this wildly entertaining movie out with your family and friends in a cinema near you and let the summer movie bonanza begin with all its might!


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