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Will you fly on a Chinese equivalent of a 737 or A320?

The Chinese built Comac C919 has made its maiden flight on 05 May 2017 and returned 80 minutes later. Comac is a state-owned company...

How does budget airlines survive?

In the US, budget airlines tickets cost about 10-20% less than regular airlines tickets and in Europe, budget airline tickets cost about 30-50% less...

Airbus A380 program saved?

The world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, was almost on the brink of closing down the A380 program due to less than anticipated orders,...

How Pilots Use to Navigate Before GPS

In the recent time, GPS has turned into an essential and major method for navigation for pilots. Be that as it may, there were...

The Cheapest Jet Engine Aircraft – $1 Million less than a Bugatti Chiron

Even though jet engined aircraft are relatively expensive, it would be possible to find a few, which are on the market at affordable price...

The Best Selling Aircraft of All Time

Aircraft are widely being used by people in today’s world to cater to their transportation needs. With so many different types of aircraft available...

Top Recent Innovations in Aircraft Technology

Developments in aircraft features and performance are crucial to achieving necessary improvements in almost all aspects of the performance and productivity of the air...

The Latest Travel Tech and Transportation

The technology today is changing the way that people travel. By simply looking at the trends in travel, this will help in looking forward...

The World’s Newest Planes in 2017

From the all-new airliners made by Russia and China to a trio of the twin-aisle jets from Airbus and Boeing, the year 2017 will...

Best Places to Visit in Italy

3 Destinations That Make Italy Even More Irresistible Italy, a country regarded as the birthplace of western culture and heritage is home to a huge...

Top 3 Gadgets – 2018

We live in a world that’s surrounded by technology. The digitalization of the modern world has made it impossible to function without latest electronic...

Upgrade – The Movie

A Brief Movie Review: Upgrade Every summer season brings forth a wave of exciting movies. We all know what makes a good summer movie these...

Car Insurance: How to Save Money

Many people need pocket-friendly car insurance. If you are reading this, I am sure you need to know how to get ideal and cheapest...

Morgan Freeman Accused of Sexual Harassment

The popular American Actor Morgan Freeman has been accused of sexual harassment and acts of inappropriate behaviours toward quite a number of women who...
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